Radium helps Mac users listen to XM Radio Online

Catpig Studios has released Radium, an XM Radio Online client for Mac OS X. A trial version is available for download. The software is priced at whatever you think it’s worth.

Radium is intended to be as unobtrusive as possible β€” the software appears in your menu bar, and stays out of the way unless you need it. It sports a search-as-you-type interface, similar to Spotlight, and lets you search by station number, name, description or genre. Updates are installed automatically.

The trial version lets you listen for 42 minutes at a time. Once you register β€” by paying whatever you think is fair β€” that restriction is removed.

System requirements call for Mac OS X 10.5 or later and an XM Radio Online account (you can sign up for a trial account for XM Radio Online).

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