15-inch MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo/2.66GHz

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Essentially a replacement for the 2.53GHz unibody 15-inch model released in the fall of 2008, this MacBook Pro features the same processor speed as the 17-inch laptop. Otherwise, this 15-inch model is no different than what came before, with two graphics chips-one integrated in the motherboard (GeForce 9400M) and the other discrete (GeForce 9600M GT)--and a glossy screen.

Price when rated: $2499
Lowest price: $2,100.00 via Amazon.com Marketplace


  • Thin, rounded design
  • Ecologically conscious
  • Retains FireWire port
  • Great new keyboard
  • Easy to service and upgrade
  • Large trackpad with numerous multi-touch gesture choices
  • Faster top-of-the-line 15-inch model
  • Gorgeous bright glossy screen


  • Disappointing battery life compared to the last model
  • No choice of screen finishes
  • Trackpad button can be hard to press
  • Some multi-touch gestures more difficult to maneuver than others

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