Feral announces Family Fun Pack 3 Mac game collection

Feral Interactive on Thursday announced its Family Fun Pack 3, a collection of three previously-released Mac games packaged together for $50.

The package includes Lego Star Wars II, a game that features characters and environments from the “original” Star Wars trilogy combining play using Lego building blocks. Also included is Ford Racing 2, a vehicle racing game that lets you hop behind the wheel of some of Ford’s most popular automobiles since 1949, including the F-100 Pickup, 1968 Mustang GT and the Ford GT supercar.

Chessmaster 9000 is the most recent Mac edition of the popular chess program, and includes computer AI-based chess opponents for everyone from beginners to chess enthusiasts. And Bionicle is another Lego-based game, featuring characters from Lego’s popular line of imaginative toys that reside on the fictional island of Mata Nui.

System requirements for the pack call for a 1.6GHz PowerPC or Intel-based Mac, 512MB RAM, 64MB graphics, DVD drive, 3GB of hard disk space and Mac OS X 10.4 or later. All four games will run on Intel-based MacBooks and Mac minis, according to Feral.

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