Groove 3 releases new Pro Tools 8 video tutorials

Video tutorial company Groove 3 recently released two new tutorials for users of Digidesign's Pro Tools digital audio workstation software.

Pro Tools 8 Explained contains 41 videos that runs over 5 hours of total training. Eli Krantzberg takes you through the recording and editing modes, navigation, markers, Beat Detective, Elastic Audio, MIDI instruments and Editor Windows, among other topics. Groove 3 says this video title is appropriate for beginner to intermediate Pro Tools 8 users.

The second video, Pro Tools 8 HD Automation Secrets, follows Pro Tools master Michael Costa as he takes an in-depth look at mixing automation. Costa also takes a look at advanced write and capture modes, time saving automation editing techniques and plug-in automation, among others. This video has 21 tutorials and runs over 3 hours.

There are a variety of pricing options, but to downloading the videos immediately will cost $49.99 each.

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