Next week is one of the Big Ones for Apple enthusiasts as the Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off on Monday, June 8. In anticipation of all-things-WWDC, Macworld’s Rob Griffiths and Dan Moren join me for an episode-long discussion of WWDC 2009—what we know and what we might see.

Before the three of us move to matters of WWDC, I use the podcast’s News & Commentary segment to offer my thoughts on the recently released video streaming application, Hulu Desktop.

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Show Notes

In the first half of our WWDC discussion, we talk a lot about Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). If you’d like more information about this cat, visit Apple’s Snow Leopard web page as well as Macworld’s own Snow Leopard subject page.

Similarly, Apple provides a mean mess of information about iPhone OS 3.0 on this Developer Connection page and our very own iPhone subject page is a comprehensive gathering of iPhone information—new and old. Our App Guide, beta though it may be, also includes a fair dollop of awesomeness.


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