Anime Studio Debut 6 released

Smith Micro Software on Tuesday announced the release of Anime Studio Debut 6, a set of tools for help create cartoon animation. It costs $50, with upgrades from previous versions priced at $20.

Anime Studio Debut 6 helps you import photos, videos and scanned drawings, and includes its own library of ready-to-use content, including characters, props, action words, stock video, images and sound effects. The software features built-in tools to help you bring still images to life in the style of South Park and JibJab, according to Smith Micro.

New features in version 6 include built-in lip-synching and motion tracking capabilities. New drawing tools have been added including a vector-based paintbrush and pen and pencil-style creation tools; the content library has been greatly expanded; you can now output finished work to YouTube or save them in SWF Flash animation files, FLV or MOV formats; and a new Sequencer helps you adjust timing and synchronization of audio and video tracks using a simple timeline tool.

System requirements call for Mac OS X 10.4 or later, G4/500MHz or faster (including Intel), 250MB hard disk space, 256MB RAM, CD-ROM.

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