Runtime Revolution goes to the Web

Runtime Revolution, developers of the Revolution programming environment, have introduced RevMedia 4.0, a programming language for the Web. It debuts as a free “alpha test” version that works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux browsers using a small plug-in.

Revolution itself is a programming environment that uses natural language parsers and advanced media handling for a programming experience that’s not unlike Apple’s HyperCard of old — though you can use it to create full applications, including database front-ends, multimedia apps, data analysis and business apps.

RevMedia 4.0 can be used to create “Web 2.0” applications, including games, simulations, tools and utilities which run inside a Web browser using a plug-in. The apps run as “revlets,” runtime apps designed to work on the Web.

RevMedia uses the same syntax as Revolution itself; Runtime Revolution notes that the skills you develop learning to write Web apps for RevMedia will also translate to the company’s RevStudio and RevEnterprise programming environments.

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