Apple ups Time Capsule to 2 terabytes

Apple on Thursday began shipping a two terabyte version of its Time Capsule backup system, double the storage capacity from what's been available up to now. The new 2TB Time Capsule costs $499, the same price as the 1TB Time Capsule prior to this refresh of the product line.

Time Capusle
Time Capsule sits on a wireless network, communicating using the 802.11n Wi-Fi networking protocol. It combines a wireless router with a hard a disk drive that enables Macs on the network to back up files using Time Machine, Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard's" automatic backup software.

Time Capsule also incorporates multiple Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, along with a USB port suitable for connecting a USB printer or hard disk drive to be shared on the network. It supports Apple's Bonjour zero-configuration networking technology, and works with both Macs, PCs, and other Wi-Fi-compatible devices as a wireless base station.

Apple continues to offer the 1TB version of Time Capsule for $299.

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