iPhone case also adds 8x zoom camera lens

Earlier this week, my iPhone 3G had an unfortunate run in with the tiled floor of my bathroom which resulted in the purchase of an iPhone 3GS. I’m loving the updated camera on the 3GS, but the good folks at USBFever asked me (via their Website) if I “want to turn [my] iPhone to superb stuff?”

I, like any iPhone owner, would love my iPhone to be superb stuff and that’s where the 8X Telescope with Hard Case for iPhone 3G/3GS comes in. As you might have guessed, the 8X Telescope with Hard Case for iPhone is an iPhone case with a 8x zoom lens—which appears to be almost as long as the product's name—attached to it.

To use, pop your iPhone into the case and snap it onto the included stand. You can now shoot photos or videos of things eight times farther away. The telescope attachment is fixed, so it's always going to zoom at eight times. There's also a manual focus for fine-tuning your image. Check out this kind of creepy YouTube video to see the whole thing in action.

8X Telescope with Hard Case for iPhone will start shipping on November 25th and will set you back $29.

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