Panasonic debuts audio system with photo frame

Nothing adds to a slideshow like a little music—or at least, that’s what Panasonic thinks. The company announced its first audio system with both an iPod dock and digital photo frame.

A front and rear view of Panasonic’s MW-10—note the iPod dock on the back of the device.
Set to arrive in December, Panasonic’s MW-10 features a built-in CD player and FM/AM radio tuner sporting a 45-station Preset Memory. The back of the device features a universal iPod dock for playing your own collection of tunes. An included remote control lets you run everything from afar.

There’s more to the MW-10 than music, though. It also features a 9-inch WVGA LCD screen for displaying photos from a CD, SD Memory Card, and 4GB of internal memory. Panasonic says the device store up to 6,000 photos with its built-in memory, which should keep those musical slideshows running long into the night.

The MW-10 will cost $300.

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