Wireless HD video standard final, promises 1080p support

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The Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) Consortium announced on Tuesday that its wireless technology specification has finally reached a completed state. The new standard will give consumers the ability to transmit high definition (HD) content around their homes wirelessly.

The WHDI—which is a formed alliance between Amimon, Hitachi, Motorola, Sharp, Samsung and Sony—was first revealed in the summer of 2008. This Tuesday, just a mere year and a half later, the group revealed that the impressive video technology, which promises to wirelessly deliver uncompressed HD content with ease, had reached version 1.0.

When the standard was originally proposed Amimon indicated that the technology would only support 720p content, however this has since changed—the standard now supports 60Hz 1080p video, with latency coming in at less than a millisecond.

In addition to championing high resolution video, the wireless model also now supports the ability to send video from a single source to multiple rooms, at a distance of up to 100 feet. One such real-life application of this addition would be the possibility of a household having just one single set-top box sending video to numerous TV sets.

The first physical products to make use of the WHDI specification are due in the second half of next year, however WHDI chip-maker Amimon will have to keep on its toes due to growing competition from rival technologies, Wireless HD and the Wireless Gigabit Alliance.

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