Adobe seeks Photoshop feedback from iPhone developers

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Adobe is seeking feedback from Apple iPhone developers.

“If you use Photoshop in conjunction with mobile development (iPhone or otherwise) and have ideas on how we could streamline your workflow, please let us know,” asks John Nack, principal product manager, Adobe Photoshop on his official company blog.

“It’s not as if we lack ideas, but rather than risk biasing your responses, I’ll leave the query open-ended. If there’s feedback you’d prefer to send directly, I’m jnack at adobe.”

So far the request has attracted mmore than 30 suggestions and replies, among them claims that Adobe’s Fireworks makes a better, more useful tool for iPhone developers.

“The company I work for uses Fireworks for designing applications for iPhone, Android, Flex, Silverlight, JavaFX, etc. (not websites) over Photoshop,” notes Juan Sanchez in his response.

“The number of timesavers, efficiency tactics that can be employed and vector + bitmap design capabilities in Fireworks makes it the perfect app for designing UIs. Lately, I’ve been feeling that Fireworks has been kicked to the curb, which is a shame.”

John Nack has responded to several of the comments. iPhone developers and interested parties can add to the debate here.

This story, "Adobe seeks Photoshop feedback from iPhone developers" was originally published by Macworld U.K..

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