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Power Mac G5 Dual 2.7GHz

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  • Apple Power Mac G5 Dual 2.7GHz

    Macworld Rating

If you spend your days doing processor-intensive tasks on big files, the dual-2.7GHz Power Mac G5 may be worth its price. However, if you can live with less than maximum performance, the other two models offer more bang for the buck.

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At a Glance
  • Macworld Rating

    This dual-2.7 GHz Power Mac G5 is the fastest of the third round of Power Mac G5 models, which were introduced in late April 2005. Unlike previous models, a 56K modem is only an option on this system.


    • Fastest Mac available
    • PCI-X slots
    • Support for 30-inch Cinema HD display
    • Double-layer SuperDrive
    • Huge memory capacity
    • Big hard drive


    • Relatively steep premium for modest performance advantage
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