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The next-generation of the Core 2 Duo processor -- code-named Penryn -- highlights this round of MacBook updates. The processor upgrade delivers faster speeds than the previous generation, but less shared L2 cache (3MB, compared to 4MB in the previous generation). Hard-drive capacities have also jumped -- this model now offers 160GB of storage. And both 2.4GHz MacBooks ship with 2GB of memory installed.

Price when rated: $1,299
Lowest price: $325.00 via Rakuten.com...


  • Solid performance
  • 2GB of RAM standard
  • Larger hard drive than previous model


  • No video adapters or Apple Remote in the box

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Troubleshoot Mac network issues with Network Utility

May 15, 2014 9:30 AM

Apple provides a useful suite of tools for troubleshooting and investigating network issues on OS X. Dan Moren gives you a quick overview of the Network Utility app.


Troubleshoot Mac network issues with Network Utility

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