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AKG K 26 P

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  • AKG K 26 P

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AKG's K 26 P headphones don't sound quite as good as Sennheiser's PX 100 -- you don't get the same impressive midrange and overall balance -- and they aren't quite as comfortable, either. But they nevertheless stand out for offering things that are very difficult to find in small, lightweight headphones: a closed design and killer bass. The K 26 P's small leather earpieces block a good amount of external sound, and their bass response will leave you wondering if there's a subwoofer hidden somewhere in the room. Best of all, the K 26 P fold up to fit into the included travel pouch. If you want to feel the impact of your rock, rap, and hip-hop, but don't like carrying around a set of full-size headphones, these are the cans for you. (An iPod- matching white version, the K 27 i, should be available soon.)

(Full review in progress.)--Dan Frakes

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At a Glance
  • AKG K 26 P

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