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  • iSkin iPod cases

From the Playlist book:

Ask any longtime iPod owner to name a company that makes "skin" cases, and chances are the answer will be iSkin. For years, iSkin has been making a variety of silicone cases for every iPod model, and the company shows no sign of slowing down. A quick glance at iSkin's current lineup reveals the eVo for 3G iPods; the eVo2 for recent models; the iSkin mini for the iPod mini; the two-color, two-layer iSkin Duo for shuffle and nano iPods; and the crazy swirls of the iSkin Wild Sides for 4G and photo iPods. All cases include a clear screen protector (except cases for the shuffle) and either a belt clip (full-size and mini models) or a lanyard (shuffle and nano models); you can also buy optional Click Wheel protectors that fit iSkin cases. With each model available in various patterns and colors (including some that glow in the dark!), iSkin offers something for everyone.

We'll be reviewing a number of iSkin cases for various iPod models in the near future.--Dan Frakes

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At a Glance
  • iSkin iPod cases

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