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Logic 3 i-Station Traveller for iPhone & iPod Touch

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  • Logic 3 i-Station Traveller for iPhone & iPod Touch

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Like previous Logic 3 speaker systems, the iStation Traveller stands out not necessarily because it offers superior performance or features compared to other systems on the market, but because it's a good combination of small size, good sound quality, and a reasonable price. With a few tweaks, its video-viewing feature would be ideal for a desk or airline tray table; however, the current viewing angle is a bit awkward. And if you don't plan on watching video at all, consider the original i-Station Traveller, instead; although its sound quality is a bit more "tinny," it's half the price and about half the size.--Dan Frakes

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At a Glance
  • Macworld Rating


    • Very portable
    • Good sound quality for the size
    • Cradle provides both upright (vertical) and video-viewing (horizontal) modes


    • No docking or charging features
    • Sits a bit too upright for video viewing
    • Vertical mode fits iPod touch awkwardly
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