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iPod nano, fourth-generation (4G) 8GB

At a Glance
At a Glance
  • Macworld Rating

    Thin music and video player Read the full review

    MSRP: $149


    • New voice-recording functionality
    • Spoken Menus and larger menu fonts improve accessibility
    • More features than the iPod classic
    • Genius feature works directly on iPod
    • Improved interface with optional preview panel
    • Better-than-estimated battery life
    • Slightly larger Click Wheel than previous nano
    • Audio-crossfade
    • Twice the capacity of previous generation at the same price


    • Same video-out restrictions as previous model
    • New shape has its drawbacks, including sharp top edges and (especially) corners
    • Odd landscape-mode controls
    • Spoken Menus doesn’t cover all menus and has the same occasional pronunciation issues as computer text-to-speech
    • Doesn’t charge from some older accessories

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