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iPod touch, second-generation (2G) 16GB

At a Glance
  • Apple 16GB iPod touch (2G, late 2008)

    Macworld Rating

    Touch-screen-based music, video, and game player

Is the 2G iPod touch the "funnest iPod ever?" If your notion of "funner" is an updated iPod touch is integrated hardware volume controls, a built-in speaker (low-fidelity though it may be); a curvier case; a warmer cast to the display; more capacity for the same price; and better battery life--and, of course, all the things that make the iPod touch such a desirable portable entertainment device in the first place (and I do mean the oodles of applications and games from the App Store)--then yes, Apple's tortured use of our mother tongue is apt.--Christopher Breen

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At a Glance
  • Macworld Rating

    Touch-screen-based music, video, and game player


    • Great audio playtime
    • Greater capacity for similar price of original model
    • Genius playlist support
    • Handy hardware volume controls
    • Nike + iPod receiver built-in
    • Less buggy OS
    • Podcast episodes play one after another


    • Video out requires expensive cable
    • Video playtime not up to Apple’s estimates
    • Doesn’t charge from older accessories
    • Screen looks a little dingy
    • Internal speaker tinny
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