Server Admin Tools 10.6.3 fixes bugs, enhances features

If you need to manage MacOS X Server machines using Apple's Server Admin Tools, you may want to head over to your nearest Software Update for a quick refill—Apple has released a new version of the tools that patches a number of bugs, as well as introducing the occasional bit of new functionality.

The 10.6.3 update affects three different components in the suite: Server Admin, System Image Utility, Workgroup Manager. In an advisory on its knowledge base, Apple advises that the patch will only be applied if the affected tools have not been moved out of their original location—otherwise, Software Update may continue to offer the download even after you have installed it. (The update also includes all the fixes and enhancements originally delivered in the Server Admin Tools 10.6.2 update.)

Server Admin Tools 10.6.3 requires OS X 10.6, weighs in at a hefty 236MB and can be installed through Software Update or downloaded directly from Apple's support Website.

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