App builders to gather for iPad-specific developer event

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Developers will gather this weekend in Silicon Valley to conduct what an organizer is calling the world’s first-ever Apple iPad-specific developer event.

To be held at eBay’s PayPal facility in San Jose, Calif., beginning Friday evening, the event is billed as iPadDevCamp and is being run by the same people that conduct iPhoneDevCamp gatherings. The iPad began shipping earlier this month.

“We’re billing it as the world’s largest gathering of iPad developers,” as well as the first-ever event of this sort, said organizer Dom Sagolla, CEO of Dollar App, which creates applications for the iPad and iPhone.

“The event is about producing applications in teams that you find there onsite,” Sagolla said.

Both open and closed source applications can be built, including enterprise systems and games. Prizes will be given for categories, including best game, most useful game, best use of open source, and best first-time programmer.

“We’re sold out at 350 people,” Sagolla said. The event is for both developers and designers; it will be rebroadcast on the Web. Concurrent live companion events are happening in different spots around the world, Sagolla said.

Apple has been controversial in preventing deployment of Java and Adobe Flash applications on iPhone OS-based systems, including the iPad. But Sagolla said, “No one I know cares whatsoever about either of those two things.”

This story, "App builders to gather for iPad-specific developer event" was originally published by InfoWorld.

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