Macworld reviews iWork for iPad

It’s telling that one of the first things Apple did after unveiling the iPad was to announce a mobile version of iWork for its new handheld device. Much of the iPad’s allure may come from watching videos, surfing the Web, and listening to music, but it’s clear that Apple also sees a business purpose for the device as well.

Unlike the desktop version of iWork, the iPad editions come not as a bundle, but as three separate $10 downloads. All three components of iWork—Keynote, Numbers, and Pages—are available for download from the App Store.

We’ve already shared some initial impressions about iWork on the iPad; now it’s time for the final verdict. Macworld has reviewed all three new iPad apps from Apple’s iWork suite.

You can read our reviews of Keynote, Numbers, and Pages by clicking on the links right here.

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