Quickly preview windows in Spaces

If you use OS X’s Spaces feature, you know you can get an overview of all your workspaces by pressing the F8 key. However, you probably also know that, in this overview mode, it can be hard to see the individual windows within each space, as they can be tiny.

MacOSXHints.com reader rab777hp found an easy solution to the problem: After pressing F8 to show all workspaces, hover your mouse cursor over one of the individual windows, then press the Spacebar. That will invoke Quick Look, giving you a full-size preview of that window. You can then click on the window to make it active. We’ve previously noted, this same trick works in Expose; turns out it works in Spaces, too.

In reponse to this tip, another Hints.com reader pointed out, if you tap the Spacebar once then mouse over another window, you’ll get a Quick Look preview of it too, no matter which space it’s in. And another reader reminds that you can use Exposé within the Spaces overview as well: hit F8 for the overview, then F9 to show all windows using Exposé.

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