Remains of the Day: From Russia with techno-love

With the iPhone 4 launch over and done with, the Internet has settled down to a nice simmer over whether or not you have to hold your phone as Steve Jobs directs. While better minds than ours debate the proper etiquette—maybe you should hold your pinky out, like you’re drinking tea!—let’s investigate the remainders for June 25, 2010.

Russian president visits Apple HQ (Twitter)

Russian president Dmitri Medvedev has been visiting Silicon Valley this week—among his latest stops, 1 Infinite Loop, where he met with Apple CEO Steve Jobs and became the first proud Russian to snag an iPhone 4. We’d ask where he’s going to get his cell phone service, since the iPhone won't ship in Russia until later this summer, but he's the president: in Russia, iPhone service gets him.

Jason Bateman—out of line at iPhone event (TMZ)

Imagine the scene: you’ve taken grueling hours out of your busy day to wait for the iPhone 4, and then up zips that kid from The Hogan Family to skip the whole darn line—you’d boo him too. Sorry, Jason, but any goodwill Arrested Development earned you has now been squandered—I hope it was worth it. (P.S. We can still be FaceTime friends, right?)

Conde Nast’s Bob Sauerberg on Wired for iPad, take two (PaidContent)

Wired’s iPad app, which was largely criticized as expensive, will drop from $5 to $4 for the next issue. In related news, you can now get a full year’s subscription to the paper magazine in your cereal box, so, you know, options.

iPhone 4 vs EVO 4G: Total cost of ownership (Consumerist)

BillShrink compares the iPhone 4 and the EVO 4G, one of the latest and greatest Android phones. Turns out that the iPhone 4 actually has a lower total cost of ownership—if you opt for the 200MB data plan and don’t go over your limit. Also, you can get a Mercedes Benz for less than a Honda Civic, if you only drive it slowly in your driveway.

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