PCalc 2.2's new theme takes you inside the machine

A calculator is a calculator is a calculator, right? Unless you’re talking about TLA Systems’s PCalc, which is, of course, the calculator. The latest update to the iPhone and iPad version of the app, PCalc 2.2, brings a bunch of improvements, not least of which is a slick new theme.

Developer James Thomson describes the new theme, “Flynn” as ideal for low-light conditions and “pretending to be Jeff Bridges,” but don’t worry, it won’t suck you into your iPad—probably.

In addition to the theme, PCalc 2.2 adds a bunch of new unit conversions, the ability to sort those units by name or magnitude, a new volume control for key click sounds, an option to show or hide key popups, and more. A few features have been tweaked as well, such as better detection for overflow in Hex, Octal, and Binary modes; improved speed of application switching; and other minor fixes.

But let’s be honest—none of that is as cool as having a Tron calculator, right?

PCalc 2.2 is $10 and is a universal app for the iPhone and the iPad; it requires iOS 3.0 or later.

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