Wuala online storage now supports file sync

There’s a great variety of online storage services to choose from. Dropbox is a favorite among Macworld editors, and there’s also Apple’s MobileMe, Microsoft’s SkyDrive (yes, you can access it online with a Mac through Safari), Mozy, and several others. LaCie has an online storage service, too, and it’s called Wuala. On Thursday, LaCie introduced Wuala Sync, which allows Wuala users to sync files across different computers.

Wuala Sync works by linking a folder on your local hard drive to your Wuala account. Files added to the linked folder are automatically synced to the Wuala account and any other computers using the account. Wuala Sync is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Wuala Sync is available to Wuala customers who are considered Pro Users. You can get Pro User status by signing up for one of the paid Wuala service plans, or by using Wuala’s option that allows you to trade storage space on your hard drive for online storage.

A free account with 1GB of storage allows for basic file storage and access from any computer. Paid accounts start at $29 per year for 10GB of storage, and all paid accounts include backup features, file versioning, a “Time Travel” feature that lets you “see how your folder looked like in the past,” and the new Wuala Sync.

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