Remains of the Day: HTC strikes back

You just can’t keep a good army of Terminators down. Apple may have had an ulterior motive in the deal it struck with the Liquidmetal folks; HTC has struck back at Apple’s patent infringement suits; and the EFF thinks Steve Jobs is a cackling, diabolical mastermind. The bad kind. If you can stomach that, you can handle the remainders for Wednesday, August 25, 2010.

World’s most advanced machinery was reason for Apple’s Liquidmetal deal, expert says (Cult of Mac)

Turns out that the deal Apple struck for Liquidmetal technology was not just to build an army of Terminators, but also to acquire access to an incredibly advanced injection-molding machine. Or, in other words, in addition to construction the aforementioned cyborg death machines, it will also be freezing its enemies in carbonite—watch your back, Dr. Schmidt.

HTC files answer with counterclaims to Apple’s patent infringement suit (Groklaw)

After being sued by Appletwice—smartphone maker HTC has fired back with counterclaims suggesting that the patents Apple has accused it of infringing are, in fact, invalid. Whoop! You totally caught them, guys. Man, Apple was hoping to sneak that one by.

Steve Jobs is watching you: Apple seeking to patent spyware (EFF)

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is worried that an Apple patent for preventing unauthorized users to acces iPhones may lead to devices that spy on their users. Because as we all know every patent leads directly to an actual product, and Steve Jobs is eeeeeeevil. Cyborg death army notwithstanding.

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