Origami Sleeve for iPad folds into viewing stand

What happens when you apply the concept of origami—the Japanese art of folding paper—to an iPad slip sleeve? You get the new Incase Origami Sleeve for iPad: a protective neoprene slip sleeve for the iPad that folds not into a swan or turtle, but into a viewing stand that supports the iPad in either landscape or portrait orientation.

The $35 Origami Sleeve, available in black or pink, boasts form-fitting construction and coddles your iPad with its plush faux-fur interior. After removing your iPad from the sleeve, you can fold the sleeve’s top left and right corners back and latch them together, forming a pyramid-style stand that props your device up at a comfortable viewing angle.

Considering the trend of new iPhone 4 cases sporting built-in stands, it’s nice to see an iPad case that offers similar functionality.

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