iSight camera not working with Flash sites

There are many avenues to Mac 911. For example, over the weekend, Macworld’s Big Cheese, Jason Snell, suggested to a Twitter follower that I might have some insight on an iSight not working with a Flash site. The original tweet goes like this:

iMac’s iSight camera’s not working with Skype, iChat, under 10.6.5. Tried PRAM, uninstalling Google Video. Still nothing. Any ideas?

This is a subject that’s getting a fair bit of play on Apple’s Discussion Forums. Generally, people who’ve upgraded to 10.6.5 have found that they can use their iSight cameras perfectly well with Photo Booth, iChat, and Skype, but that the iSight fails when you attempt to use it on a Flash-based Website. Others, like the original tweeter, have found the iSight has just given up since the 10.6.5 upgrade.

One EZ Jim on Apple’s Discussion Forums has posted a nice summary of ways to work with the problem. I encourage you to read that post, though I’ll provide the gist here.

1. If you’ve installed Google voice and video plug-ins, uninstall them. Look in /Library/Application Support/Google for the Run it to uninstall the Google plug-ins. This may be enough to bring the iSight back to life on Flash Websites.

2. Install the 64-bit version of the Flash plug-in beta. (This seems to be the most successful method.)

3. Downgrade Flash to version 10,0,45,2.

4. Uninstall Flip4Mac.

Have other solutions? Feel free to post them here and to the original Apple Discussion thread.

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