Google Voice app adds iPod touch, iPad support

It’s only been about a month since the official Google Voice client made its debut on the App Store, and already the company has updated it to fix some bugs and add a much-requested new feature: support for the iPod touch and iPad.

That support is limited, of course: while you can use Google Voice’s text-messaging features, you can’t make Google Voice calls with the devices themselves (remember, Google Voice is not so much a VoIP service but a way to soup up your existing phone). But Google has added a feature it’s dubbed “Click2Call,” which allows you to initiate a Google Voice call and pick which of your phones you’d like to receive the call on.

In addition to the expanded device support, Google added a few other enhancements and bug fixes in this version: for example, enabling Push Notifications will now automatically disable text-message forwarding, preventing you from getting multiple copies of the same message and helping you avoid exceeding your text message limits.

There’s also now a Contacts button in the dialer tab—easing the process of making calls from your device’s address book—and you can activate Voice’s Do Not Disturb feature from the Settings tab. Personally, I heaved a sigh of relief to see that you no longer need to tap that annpoying “OK” button each time you send a text message.

Google Voice is a free app and is compatible with any device running iOS 3.1 or later; it also requires a free Google Voice account.

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