Humble Indie Bundle 2 lets gamers choose their price

Just in time for the holidays, the people behind last spring’s Humble Indie Bundle have returned with an all-new grab bag of pay-what-you-want games, with proceeds going to independent developers and charity.

Humble Indie Bundle #2 collects five games—Braid,  Machinarium, OsmosCortex Command, and Revenge of the Titans—for play across the Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms. (The latter two games are still in development.) That collection would normally cost $85, but gamers can name their price before download.  They can also choose how to divvy that money among the game developers, package assembler Humble Bumble, and two charities: the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play.

As of this writing, there have been more than 68,000 downloads of the game pack, with an average of $7.17 paid per download. Linux users have been the most generous, paying $13.53 apiece; Mac users have been above-average, paying $8.10 per download. Windows users are apparently the skinflints, dishing out an average of $5.95 apiece—although Windows traffic accounts for slightly more than half the total downloads.

The first Humble Indie Bundle had 138,813 downloads and raised $1.27 million, an average of $9.18 apiece. See the Humble Indie Bundle’s trailer embedded below.

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