Introducing the Mac OS X Hints Contest

We've just launched a new contest over at Mac OS X Hints. We wanted a way to reward our top contributors throughout the year, and to encourage new ones; the Monthly Hints Contest is it. Here are the basics:

Starting with January 2011 (retroactive to January 1st), the Macworld editorial staff will choose the best hints that were published that month. There will be four winners each month: Two for the best hints overall, another two for the best in that month's Featured Category; the Featured Category for January is Microsoft Office for Mac. All four winners will receive $250 each.

Prize money is in U.S. dollars. (Unfortunately, this contest is for now open only to submitters in the U.S.; if we find a way to open it up internationally, we'll let you know.)

As you might expect, there are rules for a contest like this one, so be sure to read the Official Rules prior to submitting anything. In particular, note that if you submit a hint as an anonymous user, you must include a valid e-mail address to be considered eligible. If you're a registered user at, make sure you've provided a valid e-mail address in your profile, as that's the only way we'll be able to get in touch with you. Also, entries must be submitted via the standard Mac OS X Hints submissions page.

So if you've got a hint in mind, and you've just been waiting for a good excuse to type it up, now you have one!

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