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CoPilot Live iPhone GPS app

At a Glance

CoPilot Live has a difficult-to-use interface that conforms to few iPhone standards paired with an excellent traffic view in which upcoming traffic is shown as a vertical colored line explaining the slowdowns to come.

The app also was the best of all the GPS apps we tested in its approach to allowing multi-point itineraries, featuring a manager that lets you re-order points on the journey or remove them. CoPilot Live also displays points of interest in a very clear manner, allowing simple selection for navigation or calling.

When we originally reviewed this app in 2009, CoPilot sometimes offered spurious directions, suggesting wrong routes or a diagonal path that didn’t exist across many square city blocks. We never spotted those errors when we re-tested the app in later 2010.

The program’s clunky interface, and non-iPhone-like approach keeps it from being highly recommended despite its strong features.

At a Glance
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