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iGo MyWay GPS app

iGo My way scores high in visual appeal, navigation, and simplicity. The app does a remarkable job of conveying information as it’s necessary, with a great attention to color, detail, and smooth animation. The software designers present the least necessary information for making choices and changing settings, keeping both the process and display uncluttered.

In a multi-lane roadway in which you be in a certain lane (to make a turn) or not in certain lanes (to avoid an exit-only lane, for instance), iGo displays a clear multi-lane indicator. On arterials and highways, iGo pops up green highway-like signs at the top to make the choice among alternatives clearer. The navigation is free of clutter, although you can choose to add more information.

Although most of the other GPS apps we tested zoom in and out in detail as your speed varies—the faster you go, the more you see in the view at once—iGo has the most unobtrusive and natural approach. Jerky animation is distracting while driving, and the developer seems to avoid that.

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