Kindle app update adds Real page numbers

Kindle 2.6 for iPhone and iPad now displays “real page numbers,” which Amazon has been adding to a large number of e-books available from the Kindle Store.

As you might recall, Amazon recently posted a software preview for the latest generation of hardware Kindles which added real page numbers support, and promised to add this feature to its mobile Kindle apps shortly.

The Kindle apps will now display both page numbers, based on a certain print edition of the book, and the old standard Kindle “locations” for supported books. Amazon lists the ISBN of the print edition from which the page numbers originate in the Kindle e-book details, which is how you can tell if a particular e-book supports real pages or not. (This information isn’t listed on e-books which don’t offer real pages.)

If real pages leave you cold, worry not, there are a few other new features added to the updated iOS app that might tickle your fancy. Tracking reading progress on the iPhone is easier now that the app displays the percentage of the book that you’ve completed. Both the iPhone and iPad now display how far along you are in each of your books on the home screen when in list view. Plus you can now look up words using Google and Wikipedia without leaving your book.

Kindle 2.6 is available for free in the App Store.

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