Spy cam feature among MultiCorder's new video options

A revamped iPhone videography app from Mirage Labs is crammed so full of features that the developer is promoting it as “the Swiss Army knife of camcorders.” Among those militaristic attributes: a “spy cam” setting that lets users make surreptitious recordings.

MultiCorder 2.0, formerly known as Flexicorder, debuted Wednesday in the iOS App Store. The new spy mode lets users select a picture from their photo library to display on screen while making the secret video; a finger swipe up or down the screen automatically ends the recording.

That’s the perhaps most exotic among a dozen new features in MultiCorder. Other options in the updated app include a new real-time video zoom, a grid feature to align recordings, more choices for camera resolution and aspect ratios, a meter that shows how much storage space has been taken up by each minute of recording, and the ability to share videos via e-mail, YouTube, or Facebook.

Other MultiCorder features include the ability to autostart a video recording up to 30 seconds after a user has walked away, and the option to set a maximum duration for that automatic recording.

MultiCorder 2.0 costs $3, and is compatible with any iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or fourth-generation iPod touch running iOS 4.0 or later.

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