Adobe shows off new Warp Stabilizer filter for After Effects

The following article is excerpted from Digital Arts.

Adobe has given a sneak peek at a new motion stabilization effect that will likely appear in the next version of After Effects. The filter was revealed in a video on Adobe’s website by After Effects product manager Steve Forde.

The Warp Stabilizer filter offers image stabilization without having to manually select tracking points. For areas that are missing at the end of frames, the filter can either zoom in to crop these out, or recreate the areas based on other frames. The Warp Stabilizer can also remove motion artifacts.

The video was shown as a “technology preview,” which gets Adobe out of having to say when the new version of After Effects is going to be released.

Adobe’s video preview of After Effects comes at the same time the company is also showcasing a new feature slated for the next version of its InDesign desktop publishing application.

This story, "Adobe shows off new Warp Stabilizer filter for After Effects" was originally published by DigitalArts.

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