Dad and daughter find a misplaced iPod

The Girl: “Dad, I can’t find my new iPod touch. Have you seen it?”

Dad: “Did you check the couch/bedroom/kitchen/car/bathroom?”

TG: “Yes. I can’t find it anywhere!”

D: “Is it on?”

TG: “Yes.”

D: “Did we switch on Find my iPhone for it?”

TG: “What’s that?”

D: “It’s that MobileMe thing that lets you track your iOS device on a map.”

TG: “I don’t have a MobileMe account cuz you didn’t want to pay for another one.”

D: “You don’t need to pay for MobileMe to use Find My iPhone. Apple changed its policy so that you can set up a free account just for this feature. Just go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars; tap Add Account; tap MobileMe; and tap the Create Free Apple ID option at the bottom of the screen. You’ll be walked through the process.”

TG: “It’s a little late for that. And besides, we know it’s in the house. That blue dot on a map isn’t going to help us much.”

D: “I know, but there’s another feature that lets you send a message along with an alert sound. You can track the iPod in the house by listening for that sound.”

TG: “Again, great idea, but since Find My iPhone isn’t set up on it we can’t use it.”

D: “Then we just have to use a different way to force the iPod to make a sound. What do you think that way might be?”

TG: “FaceTime! When you call me my iPod will ring!”

D: “Attagirl.”

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