Crucial launches m4 solid-state drives

The Crucial m4 solid-state drives (SSDs) has been launched by Lexar Media, using 25nm technology NAND flash created by parent company Micron.

The 2.5-inch SSDs come in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB models and are the successors to the RealSSD C300 range.

The Crucial m4 SSD reaches read speeds of up to 415MBps, a 17 percent increase over its predecessor, according to the company. Write speeds on the 512GB capacity model can reach up to 260MBps, a 20 percent boost over the fastest C300 drive.

You can pay $130 for a 64GB SSD; $250 for a 128GB SSD; $500 for a 256GB SSD; or $1000 for a 512GB SSD. They can be bought direct from Crucial and come with a three-year warranty.

"The new Crucial m4 SSD builds on the enormous success of its predecessor, the Crucial RealSSD C300," said Robert Wheadon, worldwide senior product manager at Lexar Media.

"As a subsidiary of Micron Technology, we're in the unique position of leveraging Micron's NAND development and manufacturing expertise for our Crucial branded SSDs. These next-generation m4 SSDs offer customers higher capacities and even greater performance at affordable prices," he continued.

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