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Review: Incase Coated Canvas Field Bag for iPad & iPad 2

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  • Incase Coated Canvas Field Bag for iPad and iPad2

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Incase’s $50 Coated Canvas Field Bag for the original iPad and iPad 2 is a heavy-duty canvas portfolio that fully protects your iPad from the elements. If you’re toting your iPad in inclement weather or areas with heavy pollution, these environments might harm your precious tablet. Luckily, this no-nonsense carrier and reader will keep your tablet safe.

The product is called a field bag, but the name might be a little misleading, as it actually looks more like a small portfolio. It has a trim, rectangular design with generous padding. Its wide, confortable strap lets you sling your iPad over your shoulder and back, so if you’re riding your bike, for example, the iPad stays secure and out of harm’s way.

This low-profile sling bag lets you access your iPad quickly and easily. The quilted inner lining protects the front glass, and opens up to let you access your iPad without having to remove it from the case.

Your iPad is held inside the Field Bag by a bracket fastened with glass-scratching velcro, so be sure to bend the tab back to expose its smooth side as you slide your iPad into and out of the unit. The plastic frame keeps your tablet centered, leaving all necessary buttons within easy reach.

Note that this case is designed as a field bag, not a reading stand or a slim case, so the lack of a standing mechanism to prop up your iPad does not detract from its value. There are other products designed to let you view your ipad from various angles, but this field case is not designed for that purpose.

As part of Incase’s Coated Canvas collection, the Field Bag comes in black or taupe. The look is no-frills basic, and can accommodate either an original iPad or an iPad 2. Its dimensions are modest, and very close to the iPad itself at 8.3-by-11-by-1.25 inches. Despite its perceived bulk, it weighs just over a pound.

I’m not a big strap fan, so I like that the Canvas Field Bag can transform into a primo case for your iPad when the straps are removed. Without the straps, it’s a very neat, businesslike portfolio that’s presentable at any business meeting, and is discrete enough to sport on the bus or subway. Just slide open the sturdy zipper, flip it open, and read on your way to the office or home; then zip it back up when you’re done. The clips that the straps attach to are unobtrusive.

There’s one exterior zippered pocket to hold your phone, keys, wallet, ear buds, and a couple of small items. It’s not a purse, but it will do nicely if you’re traveling light. If your iPad is just one of many items you need to tote around town, you can just stuff the strapless Field Bag in your backpack with other items and you’re good to go.

Small, light, heavily padded, and ready for the road, the Incase Coated Field Bag for iPad and iPad 2 is a good fit practically anywhere. It’s an unobtrusive presence on the subway, walking to the coffee shop, or at your business meeting. It’s easy to slip into your tote bag or backpack, or just use the comfy strap to sling it over your shoulder like a messenger bag.

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At a Glance
  • Incase Coated Canvas Field Bag for iPad and iPad2

    Macworld Rating
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