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Mitsubishi EX240U projector produces great pictures

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  • Mitsubishi EX240U DLP Projector

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The Mitsubishi EX240U is a more traditional projector in terms of both price and size; Mitsubishi bills it as an education projector.

To say the EX240U isn’t portable is doing it a disservice. It’s not a "throw it in a bag" projector like some of the pico models available, but it’s certainly more mobile than most with the features it offers. The EX240U tips the scales at a bit over five pounds, and Mitsubishi even includes a shoulder bag for it.

The EX240U's brightness is a massive 2500 ANSI lumens, which means the EX240U does well in ambient light. The EX240U provides a great picture on almost any surface. There are settings that allow you to cater for wall color and 1080i/p video is supported. However, it’s the projector’s 3D compatibility that’s really impressive. Perhaps it’s a little early to be implemented into a projector but, should you need 3D, the Mitsubishi is ready when you are.

The projector does get a little hot, and as a result, the fan can be quite noisy, but there’s an eco-friendly mode to curb heat, fan use, and power consumption.

The EX240U doesn’t offer a tripod mount like others do, mainly due to its size, but it does have adjustable feet and a front stand to tweak the tilt of your projection. The image projected from the EX240U can be pushed to a massive 300 inches, but around half this is a comfortable size for most tasks.

The speakers handle audio well but not brilliantly, and the provided audio out would certainly be required for home cinema use.

The projector boasts a raft of connection options, including HDMI and S-Video, as well as audio out options and even ethernet connectivity.

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The features and mobility offered by the EX240U give more expensive and bigger projectors a run for their money.

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At a Glance
  • Macworld Rating


    • Excellent picture quality
    • 3D support
    • Good connection options
    • Handles ambient light well


    • Loud fan
    • Can get quite hot
    • Large for a portable projector
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