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Trident Case Aegis Series for iPhone 4

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  • Trident Case Aegis Series for iPhone 4

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Trident Case’s Aegis Series for iPhone 4 is a case made of a combination of plastic and silicon. The rubbery silicon layer is the inner portion of the case, directly against the iPhone, with the harder plastic layer becoming the part you grip on the outside.

Compared to other rugged cases, however, the Aegis is notable for the parts of the iPhone that it leaves uncovered. It barely covers the front of the phone, offering the least front protection of all the rugged iPhone cases I’ve tested. And though the Aegis ships with an adhesive screen protector, that’s more to protect against scratches—given that the edges of the case barely extend past the screen, your screen is left quite unprotected (again, compared to other rugged cases).

The Aegis hides the iPhone’s headphone jack, Ring/Silent switch, and dock-connector port behind little foldable silicone flaps. I found that opening the headphone jack’s flap was a challenge. On the plus side, unlike with a few other cases I’ve tested, operating the iPhone’s Ring/Silent switch while the phone is in the Aegis isn’t a problem.

The Aegis offers more shock protection than the typical iPhone 4 case, but if you’re looking for a truly rugged case, the Aegis gives you much of the bulk without all the protection.

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At a Glance
  • Macworld Rating

    The Aegis offers more shock protection than the typical iPhone 4 case, but it's not as protective as many of the truly rugged cases we've tested.

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