Infinity Blade II for iOS confirmed for December 1

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Infinity Blade ( ) is still one of the best looking titles on iOS, but its sequel, Infinity Blade II, looks set to raise the bar for mobile visuals even further—particularly on the more powerful iPhone 4S and iPad 2 hardware, for which the game has been optimized.

Epic and Chair said when the game was first revealed at the iPhone 4S event in October that we could expect to see it on December 1, but it's entirely possible that some people might have forgotten that fact by now. Hence this tweet from the game's official Twitter account today, which confirms that the release date is indeed December 1. It also confirms the devices which the new game will run on: the original iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPod touch. Be careful if you own a third generation iPod touch, however; due to Apple's decision to only upgrade the guts of the 32 and 64GB models in that particular hardware iteration, the 8GB third generation model won't run the game. The aging (for an Apple product, anyway) iPhone 3GS is still hanging in there as a viable gaming device, however—good news for those still in long contracts.

The game will look best on iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, thanks to those devices' additional processing power and graphical capabilities. It'll still run fine on past hardware, however, and likely look comparable to the original game from in terms of visual quality.

While you wait for the new game, there's also an officially-licensed Infinity Blade novella available, penned by American fantasy author Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn, later Wheel of Time novels). While a short read at 188 pages, it's an enjoyable diversion for fans of the game's lore.

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