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Ballistic Universal Sport Rugged Pouch a protective holster-case for iPhone 4/4S

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  • Ballistic Standard Universal Sport Rugged Pouch for iPhone 4/4S

Ballistic’s $20 Universal Sport Rugged Pouch for the iPhone is an extremely durable holster case made from tough nylon that protects your iPhone from serious drops without compromising the iPhone’s integrity.

What the Universal Sport Pouch lacks in features, it makes up in its ability to do one thing, and do it well—protect your iPhone. If you have a hard-shell case, a skin, or another case with a slim profile, there is enough room to accommodate them both in the Universal Sport.

The belt clip on the Universal Sport is heavy-duty and very durable. It is affixed to the case and does not rotate. The bottom of the case sports what Ballistic calls a Soundvent. The Soundvent allows you to hear your iPhone loud and clear when it rings, even when the case is closed. The pouch is held closed by a strong Velcro flap, which is secure yet easy to open when you need to get to your iPhone in a rush.

As with most holster type cases, the Universal Sport Pouch leaves no access to any of the iPhone’s buttons, switches, or ports, nor can you take any pictures while your phone is holstered. Of course, you can’t talk or text with your iPhone while it’s in the pouch, either.

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At a Glance
  • Ballistic Standard Universal Sport Rugged Pouch for iPhone 4/4S

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