Remains of the Day: Touchy feely

Google says it’s not about to leave iOS users high and dry for maps, Apple may be planning a flood of new Mac releases for next week, and buckle up—mobile displays may soon provide a bumpy ride. The remainders for Wednesday, June 6, 2012 are feeling fine.

Google on Maps in iOS: ‘committed to offering those services on all platforms’ (The Verge)

Even if Apple decides to do its own mapping thing, iOS users may have a choice to stick with Google Maps. Mountain View told The Verge that it’s “committed to offering those services on all platforms.” That includes high platforms, low platforms, and those bouncy platforms that Mario’s always jumping on.

New Mac spec sheet leaks out, WWDC launch pricing and naming included (9to5Mac)

Cast your eyes over another piece of evidence suggesting that Apple might indeed be announcing substantial Mac and accessory revamps at next week’s WWDC. 9to5Mac’s inventory sheet, acquired by some shadowy means, lists configurations for a number of new models, as well as perhaps some new iPod shuffles. Everybody cue up the “crickets chirping” sound on their iPhones now.

Mobile tactile tech gets physical (TG Daily)

If you wish your phone was a little more tactile, well, the future may be at hand. One company is showing off touchscreen displays that can actually create buttons, thanks to “microfluidic technology.” So, you know, less of a touchscreen than a feelscreen, I guess.

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