Remains of the Day: Head down, power through

What would you do to polish up an Apple project? An ex-contractor stuck around for several months without pay, California Governor Jerry Brown pulled some legal strings, and the company’s retail division tried a new trick. The remainders for Monday, July 2, 2012 are pulling overtime.

When His Project Was Canceled, an Unemployed Programmer Kept Sneaking Into Apple to Finish the Job (Mental Floss)

Mental Floss recounts the story of ex-Apple contractor Ron Avitzur’s quest to build Graphing Calculator in the 1990s—even after Apple had shelved the project. To trick Apple’s security system into letting him on campus, Avitzur delayed submitting his last invoice, thereby keeping his contractor ID in the company’s databases. Somewhere, Robert Redford is taking notes for the Sneakers sequel.

Gov. Brown gives fast-track status to Apple headquarters (Mercury News)

No, this isn’t some magical wand that will make Apple’s spaceship campus appear out of the sky like a, well, spaceship. But it does make it easier for Apple to begin construction without the worry of work-delaying lawsuits. And, as a bonus, the campus will come equipped with its very own FasTrak—in case engineers decide to add some interstate flying capabilities after all.

Apple Tweaks Genius Bar To Increase Capacity (ifoAppleStore)

Genius Bars across the land may be shifting 90-degrees in the future: Several stores have implemented a perpendicularly oriented version of the iconic service table, which offers more seats for customers at the expense of more walking (and fewer feet mats) for the Geniuses. These reoriented areas will also receive a name change: From here on out, you’ll book a service appointment for Genius Kitchen Island.

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