The Week in iPhone Cases: Protection Junction

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HitCase: The HitCase Pro (iPhone 5; $130) is designed for active users and extreme sports lovers. It features an extremely durable and high-impact protection system, and can be mounted on a variety of surfaces, such as the handlebars of a bike or the top of your helmet. Its companion app can even record your videos alongside a special overlay that displays your speed, altitude, inclination, and other cool stats.

Incase: The Slider (iPhone 5; $35), available in black or white, is a two-piece hard shell that provides wraparound protection for all your iPhone’s critical areas. Its same basic design is also adopted by the Metallic Slider (iPhone 5; $35), which features a special metallic coating and comes in pink, purple, or grey, and the Crystal Slider (iPhone 5; $35), whose dazzling design glitters in the light and can be purchased in grey, red, or yellow.

Incase's Crystal Slider

For a more minimalistic approach to protection, the Snap Case (iPhone 5; $30) is a single-piece snap-on shell designed to be lightweight and durable. It adds protection to your device without the bulk, and comes in clear or black frost.

Finally, for the active user, the Sports (iPhone 5; $40) is a black armband that delivers comfortable sweatproof protection, can be adjusted to fit a wide range of arm girths, and is even washable.

Macally's Protective Holster

Macally: Among the company’s dozen-or-so iPhone 5 cases, you’ll find the Protective Frame (iPhone 5; $15), which adds full protection to the sides of your handset and provides an enhanced soft plastic grip. You'll also find the Aluminum Frame (iPhone 5; $35), which works in much the same way, but is made of genuine, high-grade aluminium. The Protective Frame is available in black, white, or red, while the Aluminum Frame comes in black, red, or gold.

The Folio Stand (iPhone 5; $30) is, you guessed it, a folio-style case that covers your iPhone, and it doubles as a fold-out stand for hands-free viewing in landscape mode. It’s made of faux leather, and is available in black, red, or white.

The Hardshell Clear (iPhone 5; $20) is a hard shell polycarbonate with soft edges that protects your iPhone while adding minimal bulk; its see-through construction allows the beauty of Apple’s design to shine through unhindered. It’s available in a clear/clear or black/clear model. A completey clear soft-shell version, called Clear Protective Flexible (iPhone 5; $10) is also available.

Finally, the Protective Holster (iPhone 5; $30) is specially designed with a belt clip that can double as a viewing stand, and is built from a durable TPU material to ensure protection and durability, which keeps your handset safe when you take it on the road with you.

Marware's SportShell Convertible

Marware: The SportShell Convertible (iPhone 5; $50) is a snap-on shell with an interchangeable back that makes it adaptable to a number of different scenarios, from sports to a casual evening out. It comes in black or white.

The Revolution (iPhone 5; $35) is a three-piece shell whose panels are designed to interlock tightly and provide full protection to your handset, including its buttons. The various parts can be mixed-and-matched from the four available colors and styles.

The Stash (iPhone 5; $35) comes in black and features a convenient pocket at the back that can hold your credit cards or ID. In addition, a special slot in the back can be used to house one of your cards, which then doubles as a stand for hands-free viewing.

The Microshell (iPhone 5; $25) is Marware’s ultrathin back cover, made of impact-resistant polycarbonate for maximum protection without adding bulk. It comes in a variety of colors and styles, including clear, black, pink, blue, grey, and polkadot.

The Zooey (iPhone 5; $50) is a leather wallet that comes with a complimentary Microshell case, and a handy shoulder strap for carrying your handset around. Two zippered pockets provide room for cards, cash, and accessories.

Finally, the C.E.O. Prestige Plus (iPhone 5; $40) is a holster made of genuine leather and designed for the professional who wants to make a good impression. It includes a free Microshell, covers 98 percent of the iPhone while you're not using it, and features a convenient push-through opening at the bottom for quick access to your handset.

XtremeMac's MicroShield Fade

XtrememMac: Even though the company’s Website hasn’t been updated yet, we have the scoop on the company’s upcoming iPhone 5 lineup, which includes the SportWrap (iPhone 5; $25), a high-performance armband designed for users who lead active lives and often find themselves with a shortage of pockets, and the SportWrap LED (iPhone 5; $80), which includes a special set of safety lights for running or biking in the dark.

The Microshield Stand (iPhone 5; $25) features a special construction that allows the case to turn into a stand, which can then be conveniently folded away when not needed. Despite its flexibility, it’s built of durable hard plastic for maximum protection, and comes in gunmetal, turquoise, red, pink, or pearl. For more flash, you may be interested in the Microshield Fade (iPhone 5; $20), which doesn’t have a kickstand, but does come in a variety of gradient colors, including purple/pink, blue/purple, green/yellow, yellow/orange, black/grey, and clear/grey. If texture is what you’re after, XtremeMac has also announced the Microshield Style (iPhone 5; $25), which is available in a special cork finish.

XtremeMac’s offerings are rounded out by the Tuffwrap (iPhone 5; $20), built with a smooth finish and textured construction to provide an excellent grip while keeping your phone safe and ensuring that you maintain access to all your ports and cameras thanks to the appropriate cutouts.

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