Remains of the Day: Quid pro quo

Remains of the Day

The 21-inch iMac is torn down, Apple exercises its power over cell carriers, and Intel and Apple may be playing a bit of the old give-and-take. The remainders for Friday, November 30, 2012 are working pro bono.

21-inch iMac teardown shows newly rearranged innards (Ars Technica)

As ever, the shipping of a new Apple product is followed quickly by its disassembly. This time it’s not the venerable iFixit who’s responsible but Japanese site Kodawarisan. The new desktop has adopted a significantly different layout, due to its remarkably thin profile. I’m sure we’d all like to know its dieting secrets.

Apple vetting operators on LTE network performance (

Apparently not just any carrier can proclaim that it’s selling the iPhone 5 as an LTE device. It seems Apple has been testing carriers’ LTE performance to see if they’re up to snuff. If not? Well, let’s just Tim Cook’s not above buying a cellular carrier just to shut it down.

RBC: Intel in talks with Apple to build iPhone processors (Fortune)

One analyst suggests that Cupertino may replace Samsung as fabricator for its mobile processors with a familiar ally: Intel. The rumored conditions of the deal? That Intel will develop ARM-based chips for the iPhone, and that Apple will switch to the x86 architecture for the iPad. So, uh, as long as we’re playing musical processors, I guess the Mac will, what, go back to PowerPC?

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