ProScope Micro Mobile turns your iOS device into a microscope

Have you ever wanted to study various cells, bugs, and other tiny objects up close, CSI style, without having to haul around a huge, professional-grade microscope? Microscope gadget maker Bodelin has a tool that effectively turns your iOS gadget into a microscope of sorts, and lets you take photos of your finds.

The ProScope Micro Mobile is a pocket-sized microscope attachment for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Once clipped onto your phone or tablet, you just head over to the Camera app, and focus in on your subject of choice. From there, you can take photos or videos using the camera, or you can just admire.

The optical glass microscope features magnification levels between 20x and 80x, and has 12 LEDs around the lens for better lighting for your subject. Fortunately, if you get too carried away looking at your own hairs, skin cells, and keyboard dirt, the embedded lithium ion battery will last for around five hours, according to its makers.

ProScope Micro Mobile works with the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5; fourth-and fifth-generation iPod Touch models; the iPad Mini; and the fourth-generation iPad. The gadget will go on sale starting May 1, and it will set you back $149.

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