Remains of the Day: Pop goes the innovator

Remains of the Day

iCloud gets a new, spartan look; Steve Jobs gets his own cable special on a unlikely channel; and maybe, just maybe, Apple will release new products this fall. What you don’t know about the remainders for Wednesday, August 14, 2013 might shock you. beta updated with iOS 7 design (9to5Mac)

In case you were wondering whether iOS 7’s design revamp would extend to other Apple products, here’s one indication: Apple has reportedly updated the beta version of its iCloud website in the iOS 7 fashion. You know, I think that the people who use the iCloud site will really love this. All three of them.

E!’s “Pop Innovators: Steve Jobs” Airs Thursday (YouTube)

If you haven’t gotten sick of the publicity barrage from the Ashton Kutcher-fronted Steve Jobs biopic, E!—yes, the cable channel E!—is airing its True Hollywood Story “Pop Innovators” episode on Steve Jobs this Thursday. Me, I’m not sure what a “pop innovator” is, but maybe Orville Redenbacher?

Apple Said to Prepare Holiday Refresh of IPhones to IPads (Bloomberg)

I know, I know. Hard to believe, right?

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